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Commerce Content Optimizer

Optimize your content for purchase conversion with predictive neurotech A.I.

Ensure your ads are optimized to sell more at each touchpoint along the shopper journey, both online or offline


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With neuromarketing A.I. that predicts the performance of your Content Hub assets across marketing channels, Commerce Content Optimizer guides each step of your team’s workflow. Assets uploaded to Content Hub are automatically analyzed for visual impact, before being tested under dynamic market contexts to determine cognitive impact based on your target audience’s consumptive mindset and behavior.

Content creators will know which content is likely to have impact at the intended touchpoint before assets are even shared for review, while reviewer feedback can zero in quickly on what needs to be optimized based on the context.

CCO leverages Content Hub’s collaborative environment to inform creatives, marketers, and brands in a manner that keeps teams in sync and speaking the same language.

Are you optimizing content at scale?


Commerce Content Optimizer empowers brands to test every execution for its consumer context at scale.

Whether you are pushing content across an omnichannel campaign that includes digital, social, commerce, and physical touchpoints, or focused on a single paid media channel, you need to make sure that each asset is prioritizing conversion. CCO empowers you to do so by:

  • Optimizing for context: Consumers behave and react differently to your content in changing contexts. CCO adapts to the channel and touchpoint, ensuring each asset is optimized for where it is seen.
  • Automating Insights for your teams: Neuromarketing A.I. boosts your ability to scale analysis built on best practice principles that prioritize what works in market, not what looks good.
  • In-Market Machine Learning: CCO was built in real-world conditions, not a lab, with hundreds of thousands of live content data points spanning 5 years, and continuously informed by performance data.

Benefits of Neuroscience AI Optimizing Your Paid Media

Drive your teams to focus on outcomes by increasing visibility on which content works, where it works, and what revisions are needed to succeed.


Cognitively impactful ads

Don’t just get noticed. Land your connection.


Contextually optimized ads

Predict asset performance based on where it will be viewed.


Visually impactful ads

Verify that the right asset elements hold attention.


Speed and scale

Scans initiate passively in the background of your DAM library.

Video Overview

Find out how Commerce Content Optimizer works with Content Hub and the output you can expect to receive.

Neuro-Optimize your campaign

Find out how years of neurological research increases your content’s effectiveness


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