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Image of Deloitte Sitecore Experience Accelerator

DXA core features:

  • Compliant with Sitecore best practice standards      
  • Multi-site ready
  • No custom proprietary code
  • Fully mobile device responsive
  • Advanced searching, tagging and, faceting
  • Tailored to your brand guidelines
  • Fast time to market
  • Scales to sites with tens of thousands of pages and documents
  • Highly accessible components
  • Modular components
  • Accelerated or managed delivery


Meet your customers’ growing expectations

Changing customer expectations and technology create challenges for businesses as they must constantly adapt and build their websites to meet them.

DXA helps clients deliver meaningful customer experiences faster, with quality and certainty built in. To make this as simple as possible, the platform combines design system, modular code base, and documentation to give greater freedom of delivery. And, with over 80 components and 10 templates, DXA accelerates your project.

The DXA leverages the best practices of Sitecore experience, allowing you to create your sites quickly and focus resources on your unique business needs.

Reduce costs
Pre-built components from the DXA Framework accelerate development and bring costs down.

Proven, pre-built code
Qualified, tested, and production-ready code based on Sitecore implementation best practices and experience.

Focus on perfecting
Get your minimum viable site to market quickly, then iterate to improve functionality using Sitecore analytics and optimization alongside Deloitte Digital’s customer behavior expertise.

Extend and expand
DXA supports the extension and expansion of your website needs with pluggable modules and prebuilt features.

Cross-site content management
Share content between sites in your information architecture, making content management and information exchange easy.

Best-of-breed accessibility
DXA is AA accessibility compliant and reduces costs throughout design and build.

Enhance your Sitecore capabilities with DXA

Rhythm design system

Atomic Design principles are at the heart of the accelerator, meaning the component library can be rapidly updated to match your brand.


Built on industry standards and frameworks to give you the best front-end technology without compromising on your brand.


DXA is built on the Sitecore accelerator framework, meaning it meets best practice standards and is multi-site ready.


Experience streamlined environment setup with automation testing, including cloud hosting, DevOps and a content migration tool.


Detailed “out of the box” documentation, including pre-configured Jira and Confluence instance, functional specs, user guides, training manuals, and more.

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