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Use a solution that’s fully equipped with all the key components you need to migrate to Sitecore:

  • Find a doctor and doctor detail pages
  • Find a location and location detail pages
  • Events search and events detail pages
  • News/blogs search and news/blogs detail pages
  • Services search and services detail pages
  • Sitecore connect with Salesforce Marketing Cloud – fully configured for a health system
  • Enterprise search ready: Sitecore search or Coveo

Get more benefits from your Salesforce ecosystem

The majority of healthcare systems have a presence on the Salesforce ecosystem, but struggle on what to do next to fully leverage the solution.

The Healthcare System Accelerator helps you take advantage of your Salesforce solutions. It comes preconfigured with a Sitecore for Salesforce connector, meaning data can be bi-directionally pushed between your systems.

These enhancements increase your agility to leverage the Sitecore and Salesforce connection, driving personalization and explicit tracking, and increasing overall visitor and community satisfaction.


Healthcare Systems using the Accelerator have seen benefits including:

  • Drastically reduced budget and timeline to deploy their project
  • 439% increase in overall returning visitors
  • 465% increase in returning mobile users
  • 19% decrease in overall bounce rate
  • 18% decrease in overall bounce rate for returning mobile users

The solution at work

Take a look at this Sitecore-Salesforce connector demo to find out more.

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