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Deliver superior patient experiences

Optimizing your marketing offering to deliver the experiences patients expect today can be a challenge when your organization doesn’t have the right foundations in place. You might be struggling with:

  • Legacy systems and siloed data creating fragmented patient profiles
  • Lack of personalization information, leading to experiences that fail to meet patient expectations
  • Delivering optimal content to the right individual at the right time, across multiple channels and devices
  • Lack of visibility of all the information you need to make effective decisions at speed
  • Scaling across multiple regions and markets, which can be complex and cumbersome, at the center of immersive, integrated, and omnichannel experiences.
  • Keeping up with shifting patient demands with limited agility and process inefficiency

With the Intelligent Patient CX Accelerator, digital experience is delivered through a combination of consultancy, marketing and sales solutions that will put patients at the center of immersive, integrated and omni-channel experiences.

The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) is critical to this, delivering rich patient experiences. Automated touchpoints and templates for specific patient journeys, enhanced search functions, and patient journey tracking help you increase personalization and support marketing automation.


Effective digital transformation delivers significant benefits

Better engagement rates

Patients are more likely to engage when the experience is interactive and supports the devices they use every day.

Enhance your brand reputation

The overall opinion of your brand will improve if you can deliver ever-improving patient experiences at scale.

Increase patient loyalty

Patients are more likely to return to your brand if you continually meet and exceed experience expectations.

Extract more value from investments

Get long-term ROI with platforms that offer the ability to evolve and grow with your business requirements.

Achieve operational efficiencies

Reduce costs and make resources more productive by making patient processes more efficient.

Grow revenue faster

Patients are prepared to pay more for better experiences, so if you can deliver you can realize greater revenue growth.

Healthcare transformation is not optional

Explore three key ways to prepare your organization to be "future ready".


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