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Sitecore Commerce Quick Start for B2B


Give your B2B sales a kick-start and deliver best-in-class experiences straight away

Launch your fully operational omnichannel e-commerce platform or web shop in just 8 weeks and start selling immediately.


Sitecore Experience Commerce




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The Macaw Sitecore Commerce Quick Start for B2B is developed in partnership with Sitecore to offer businesses a fully operational B2B commerce platform that will help them future-proof their enterprise and remain competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

In just eight weeks, we can help you set up a fully operational B2B e-commerce platform that is fast, secure, scalable, and ready to go. All it requires is the installation and configuration of the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform and B2B accelerator, and you’ll get a web shop that is consistent with your brand identity, a streamlined order-to-cash process for B2B, advanced back-end tooling to manage product catalogues, and much more.

Future-proof your business quickly

Taking your business digital is critical to staying competitive in today’s market. With the Quick Start solution, you can get digital-ready and be selling online in just eight weeks.

A best-in-class commerce platform
The Quick Start platform is based on the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform – we’ll install and configure it for you and make sure all the functions you need are ready to go.

Complex B2B transactions made easy
The Sitecore Commerce B2B accelerator improves the options you have with specific, advanced B2B commerce functions.

Future-proofed infrastructure
Quick Start is based on Microsoft Azure cloud services, meaning better performance, greater reliability, and scalability.


Get started today and you’ll benefit from:

  • An ROI boost because of a shorter implementation period
  • Increased customer loyalty through better B2B user experiences
  • Higher employee productivity with more efficient back-end tooling
  • An increase in conversion rates

Get in touch today to find out more about Commerce Quick Start

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