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Omnichannel delivery

Keep your content consistent across every channel. Sitecore Experience Manager® (XM) is the simple solution for distributing powerful, unified omnichannel experiences.

Deliver holistic experiences across channels

Save time and resources while creating a unified experience for your customers with Sitecore XM’s powerful omnichannel capabilities. Its headless architecture lets you reach customers where they are today — and where they’ll be tomorrow.

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The right experience on the right channel

Deliver device-optimized content to customers across all channels.

Master mobile delivery

Optimization tools let you automatically preview what your content will look like on various mobile screens — for example, phone or tablet.

Master all other channels

Quickly and easily create, manage, and deliver relevant customer experiences across multiple channels, including social, web, point of sale, and more.

Be ready for tomorrow’s channels, today

Channels are evolving quickly. A headless CMS helps your content keep up. A headless CMS decouples content from its presentation, offering greater flexibility. It automatically delivers content in the ideal format and size for any device.

Ahead of the digital curve

The future is here. Get your content ready to meet the demands of modern customers with the CMS that delivers across the digital landscape, from VR to IoT and beyond.

No learning curve

Working with familiar JavaScript APIs leveraged through JavaScript Services, developers will have a virtually seamless onboarding.

Future-ready for new devices

New devices will rapidly become essential communication channels, so your CMS needs to be future-proof. Our headless CMS allows new devices to cohesively deliver content to users.