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Content Hub headless integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Create content-rich, omni-channel commerce experiences with no front-end limitations using the headless APIs of SF Commerce Cloud and Content Hub DAM and PCM.


Sitecore Content Hub
Sitecore Digital Asset Management


Content development and management
Digital commerce
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If you're using Salesforce Commerce Cloud and can benefit from best of breed Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Content Management (PCM), Digital Rights Management (DRM), or Marketing Resource Management (MRM) capabilities to work in tight complement to it, look no further. Sitecore Content Hub’s headless development capabilities let you easily create the commerce + content solution of your – and your customers’ - dreams.

Content Hub is not just for your internal teams. Its headless capabilities, known as Sitecore Experience Edge, feed Content Hub assets into your Commerce storefront pages in real time, for highly responsive, personalized commerce experiences. Get started today! Click on the link below to access Content Hub's Headless Integration Guide for Salesforce Commerce

Benefits of Content Hub headless integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Enrich storefront product content

Boost conversion rates

Slash site administration overhead

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Align product listings in Salesforce Commerce Cloud with a rich trove of fully approved, product-related text, images, videos, and documents residing in Content Hub DAM. Enrich your storefronts and empower tailored, effective , omni-channel commerce experiences.

Check out the Headless Integration Guide for Sitecore Content Hub + Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud below to get started.

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Sitecore compatibility

Content Hub – all versions

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Find out more about Sitecore Content Hub headless integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


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