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Mailchimp for Sitecore OrderCloud

Deliver one-to-one messages to your customers based on their actions, and stay in close touch with them.


Digital commerce
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With Sitecore OrderCloud and Mailchimp, commerce businesses can deliver personalized emails with branding to help customers throughout their shopping journeys and beyond. From order information to shipping confirmation, get control over sending emails in a timely manner as each order status progresses. Expand relationships with customers via one-to-one messages matched with their actions, and grow customer loyalty and engagement.

Benefits of Mailchimp for Sitecore OrderCloud

Increased customer loyalty

Fast & timely delivery

Email optimization

Mailchimp for Sitecore OrderCloud at a glance

  • Action-based 1:1 emails

  • Email analytics & reports

Sitecore compatibility

Sitecore OrderCloud

About the app provider


XCentium helps businesses align their technology strategy with business objectives and leverage technology excellence. As a Sitecore Platinum Partner, XCentium has delivered more than 200 Sitecore solutions for clients.

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