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Sitecore deployment options

Sitecore offers three deployment options: managed cloud, self-managed cloud, or on-premises. Explore them all to discover which is best for your organization.

Deploy Sitecore your way — now with Docker and Kubernetes 

With three options to choose from, you can deploy Sitecore in the way that works best for you. Our new Sitecore Containers leverage Docker and Kubernetes technology to smooth your deployment of new experiences and changes to existing ones. 

Three deployment options

Using containers

Banish the headaches that come when moving from development to production. Package your applications and all their dependencies in containers — with lighter footprints and greater scalability.

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Sitecore Containers: Docker and Kubernetes

Reduced risk, faster iteration, lower costs, greater flexibility — Sitecore Containers offer a ton of benefits. And Kubernetes enables you to coordinate, schedule, update, and monitor them simply. Learn more about Docker containers, Kubernetes orchestration, and when Sitecore Containers are right for you. 

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