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A hybrid-headless CMS for today and tomorrow

No-compromise headless

Enjoy the full flexibility and reach that a headless CMS delivers, without sacrificing any of the powerful marketing features you need.

The perfect balance of flexibility and control

Sitecore Headless

Personalize and engage

Get a 360° view of customer interactions and personalize your communications.

Track online or offline, anywhere

Personalize everywhere

Engage effortlessly

Aggregate and improve

Headless that works for everyone

Marketers and developers can now work together to create brand experiences.

Embrace emerging devices and channels

As the pioneer of the item-based headless CMS, Sitecore makes everyone's job easier. For example, a component's headline is stored as item 1, the image as item 2, and the body copy as item 3. They are then reassembled to support different devices, formats, and touchpoints.

Scale with ease

Develop right out of the box

Developers can craft a full range of headless applications using Sitecore GraphQL—no Microsoft .NET or Sitecore back-end expertise required.

The best of all worlds

Take the worry out of implementation decisions. Use JavaScript with JSS, ASP.NET Core headless development, SSG with Next.js, or predefined templates with SXA. Let business needs drive your choice, not technical limitations.

Deliver your experience, your way

With multiple content development models, choose one that fits your business’s particular needs.

Sitecore Experience Accelerator

Separating structure from design, SXA templates get your site up and running quickly and with ease.

JavaScript SDK

Enables consistent control over content across multichannel and multidevice environments as well as full control over presentation with personalization in headless scenarios.


Headless development that allows you to build your applications faster on the latest .NET technology.

Next.js SDK

Flexible delivery models — including static site generation, server-side rendering, and hybrid approaches.

Scaling and deployment made easy

Implement with speed and flexibility on any platform that runs JavaScript.

Easy access for developers

Get to market faster

IT teams can import and manage JavaScript apps and benefit from fast, flexible hosting and deployment, using our self-contained solution package. For implementations using JSS, Next.js accelerates delivery with out-of-the-box features like TypeScript support and environment variable management.

Integrate with minimal effort

Automatically integrate your app to Sitecore's back-end. Sitecore headless options generate any necessary artifacts for you.


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