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Right content, right time

Personalization with Sitecore

Increase engagement, improve satisfaction, and drive KPIs by delivering hyper-relevant and personalized content in real time.

Deliver targeted, relevant content across channels

  • Personalize content based on both explicit and implicit information
  • Quickly adjust personalization based on customer behavior in real time
  • Deliver personalization based on current and past interactions
  • Integrate with third-party data systems for deeper, connected personalization
  • Use the personalization dashboard to measure impact and effectiveness
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Make personalization a reality with Sitecore Experience Platform

push boundaries


Start small. Then scale across your brand’s channels at your own pace and deploy personalization where it will drive impact.


No need for months of development — personalization comes out of the box with Sitecore® Experience Platform™.


From holistic reporting to actionable recommendations, intelligent insights enable constant improvement.

Optimize every interaction

Deliver the right content, at the right time, on the right channel.

Progress visitors through their journey

Using in-session and historical action insight, adjust calls-to-action to better progress visitors through their journey.

Adjust content in real-time

Update content and promotions based on browsing behavior, as visitors consume content and reveal interest in real-time.

Improve customer loyalty

Foster deeper relationships with relevant content that demonstrates empathy, gratitude, and an understanding of your customers.

Accelerate time-to-market with AI

Click a button, and Sitecore AI Auto-Personalization will identify visitor trends, create customer segments, and deliver personalized content.

Win lifelong customers

Drive engagement and build relationships


Know your customers

Use audience and data analytics to truly understand your customers and meet their individual needs to drive engagement.


Make a good first impression

Recognize new visitors and make them feel welcome by introducing brand value and providing personalized options to explore.


Drive KPIs and ROI

Drive marketing KPIs and improve content and personalization ROI by delivering and measuring personalized experiences.

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Get started with personalization

Take our complimentary course, CS101: Mastering Personalization and get up and running quickly with Sitecore's marketing and personalization tools.

free online course

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