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Digital asset management integration: The basics

A world of possibility awaits marketers who integrate DAM with other cloud tools and platforms in their ecosystem.


Digital asset management for brand consistency

Brand management is one of the key use cases for digital asset management software. On today’s highly fragmented and modular digital customer journey, brand consistency is extremely important. Customers want to clearly know and comfortably feel that they are always dealing with a single, trustworthy business or service provider. Research has found that:

  • 63% of companies say that delivering a consistent branding experience impacts whether or not a deal is closed.
  • 50% of companies say that customers expect great design and cross-channel consistency from their brand.
  • 25% of companies say consistent branding contributes to their overall revenue growth.

A DAM solution enables marketers to establish a single source of truth and stay on-brand across all channels and touchpoints. Not only does this benefit the digital experience, but it is also critical for ensuring compliance with brand guidelines, messaging styles and regulations (e.g. vocabulary, spelling, pricing, disclaimers, trademarking, and other elements), which can differ dramatically between countries.

For example, one of the world’s largest professional services firms is leveraging digital asset management integration to deliver a unified user experience and consistent brand representation across 280 marketing websites. Without a great DAM solution, this would be an impossible ambition. With a DAM solution, it is a day-to-day practical reality.


How are integrated DAMs different from regular DAMs?

The latest digital asset management software is designed to work in harmony with a company’s existing apps via APIs. An integrated DAM solution offers another level of functionality and versatility for marketers, allowing businesses to seamlessly connect with other cloud-based solutions for example, Microsoft or other software providers in their ecosystem. By leveraging DAM integrations, organizations have the freedom to configure their tech stack to suit their unique business requirements. Examples of custom integrations include:


One of the world’s largest professional services firms is leveraging digital asset management integration to deliver a unified user experience and consistent brand representation across 280 marketing websites.



Product Information Management (PIM) and e-commerce

Integrating DAM software with product information management is a key strategy for organizations looking to scale quickly and reach new markets. Marketing teams can sync data between digital assets and associated product content to provide customers with more relevant and impressive content experiences.

While this is valuable and important for all companies, it is especially crucial in e-commerce as many customers will not reach out (via chat, email, phone, or other remote channels) to get more information. If the accurate product details they need are not easily available on-demand, they will head for a competitor.


Content enrichment and distribution

Enriched content improves the discoverability of products. When product data is available in various formats including SKUs from ERPs, product information from PIM and digital sset management, pdfs, spreadsheets, social media content, and customer review sites, the overall customer experience is elevated.


A digital asset management platform makes the impossible, possible

For a growing number of successful marketers, a digital asset management system that seamlessly integrates with other tools and platforms in the ecosystem is not just an important piece of their martech puzzle. A DAM platform is fundamental to project management, making what was previously impossible — and in some cases even unthinkable — both real and easy (and really easy).


Explore Sitecore Content Hub DAM

Sitecore Content Hub DAM is a best-in-class automated digital asset management solution that enables marketers to centralize all digital content and deliver assets to any customer touchpoint. Marketers can easily:

  • Leverage digital asset management integrations and connect to any content source, in order to store, manage, and enrich assets for various content destinations.
  • Use AI assistance to help teams locate and share any digital asset with lightning speed.
  • Dial into specific content modelling and commercial needs, so that teams do not have to change or compromise the way they work.
  • Take advantage of an app connector that allows teams to work in their favorite apps and maintain total control.

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