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Personalising the B2B Commerce Experience

How do B2B brands inspire happy customers & create loyalty? It’s time to get personal!

When planning consumer commerce strategies in the evolving digital-first landscape, personalisation has become a critical requirement. With 90% of B2B buyers expecting a B2C experience when making a business purchase, B2B brands must deliver a seamless, personalised customer journey.

Get the guide from Wunderman Thompson Commerce and Sitecore, which outlines how B2B organisations can adopt a customer-centric approach built around personalisation, and lock in customer loyalty and long-term buyer relationships.

Download the guide to learn:

  • Why are modern B2B buyers dissatisfied with traditional B2B experiences?
  • Why personalisation, and why now?
  • How B2B brands can give B2B buyers what they want

Learn more about our partnership with Wunderman Thompson via the Sitecore Partnership page or via Wunderman Thompson Technology website

Get the guide “Personalising the B2B Commerce Experience” and win lifelong customers.

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