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White paper

Sitecore Engagement Value best practices

Follow this five-step process for developing your brand's Engagement Value Scale

Customers demand relevant experiences, and they want to stay connected across all channels. Yet traditional web analytics can’t measure the quality of their experience or how that experience helped your company achieve its marketing goals. Worse, simple web metrics keep valuable analysis in the hands of analysts—and insights out of reach for marketers.

In this guide, the Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies team introduces its five-step process for developing your brand’s Engagement Value Scale (EVS) with the Sitecore® Experience Platform™. The Engagement Value Scale defines the Engagement Value metric—a key metric in Experience Analytics—that can be used across all types of businesses, from profit to non-profit, B2B to B2C.

This white paper shows you:

  • How Experience Analytics offers a more precise way of measuring the visitor experience 
  • How to create your website’s Engagement Values
  • Handy examples of Engagement Value Scales for B2B, B2C, non-profit, healthcare, government, and information/media organizations

Go beyond traditional web analytics to get a more accurate measure of marketing’s relevance to customers across multiple touchpoints, and gain insight into which experiences deliver on your goals.

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