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How Artificial Intelligence can boost your marketing initiatives

Learn how  AI and Machine Learning can help you achieve your business objectives.

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Get insights in how to prepare for AI in order to deliver exceptional customer experience

Digital marketing is about empathy. Based on data, marketers detect in which context their audiences are and deliver value and the right experience based on this context. 

This means that, by running tests and analyzing content engagement metrics, new segments or refined segments can be discovered.  

Marketers can create new content for these groups of people to get their attention or to deliver the right message to bring value. This is a time-consuming process. Technology can help to connect structured, tagged, and organized data with machine learning algorithms. This can be done powered by AI solutions.

Get inspired by Jack Esselink, an evangelist on AI, who will share trends and best practices in AI and how you can be more data driven.

Session takeaways:

  • Get insights in how organizations successfully use AI. 

  • Learn how AI can help to achieve your business objectives by boosting your marketing initiatives.

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