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ElevateX: Navigating the Digital Customer Experience in APAC

Join experts, analysts and special guest for a digital immersion taking place on December 6 & 7 broadcast live across APAC.

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We’ve assembled the brightest minds and seasoned analysts to unravel the future of digital experiences. 

Hear from our customers who have charted the course to success, and solved business challenges, from commerce to content, it’s a composable journey. 

Agenda highlights include: 

  • Analyst insights from Ecosystms’ Tim Sheedy 
  • Ethical Decision making with the Ethics Centre 
  • Customer Panels 

Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Full agenda can be found here 


Tim Sheedy

Vice President Research


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John O’Mahoney

Partner Deloitte Access Economics

Deloitte Digital

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Cris Parker

Head of The Ethics Alliance & Director of the BFSO

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Brad Howarth

Researcher & Writer

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Richard Potter

Director Digital Strategy


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Heather Polen

Global Vice President, Solution Engineering


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Pieter Brinkman

VP Product Marketing & Developer Relations


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Joey Lim

President, APJ


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Hannah Grap

VP Corporate Marketing


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Noelle Russell

Chief AI Officer

AI Leadership Institute, Minneapolis

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Dev K Menon

Dev Menon, Head of Regional Sales APJ, Sitecore Commerce

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