Swiss Coffee Culture Goes Worldwide with JURA’s E-Commerce Site Powered by Sitecore

When JURA, the global innovation leader in automatic coffee machines, redesigned its web presence, it chose Sitecore to power its first e-Commerce site, offering direct sales of its high-end products to end consumers. JURA’s new digital presence blends a sophisticated product presentation with an engaging customer experience and innovative support, enabled by Sitecore e-Commerce Services (SES). The Sitecore solution supports attributes including multi-site, multi-language, multi-shop, multi-product catalogue set-up and more. With rollouts planned for 50 markets, Sitecore is integral to JURA’s plans to boost global sales and brand awareness.


Founded in 1931, JURA is known for its sleek household appliances. The company is a pioneer in the field of easy to use automatic espresso/coffee machines, and has been a major contributor to this sector since the mid-1980s.

Headquartered in Switzerland, at the southern end of the Jura Mountains, the traditional Swiss brand is now a global player. JURA is represented by its own sales organizations or distributors in about 50 markets.

As JURA sought to expand its global sales footprint, the company recognized the paramount importance of having a direct e-Commerce channel available to consumers—a site that would combine an engaging customer experience, a rich information portal and powerful, flawless e-Commerce capabilities. Importantly, the e-Commerce solution would need to provide a multi-shop system based on a multisite, multi-language web presence, and give visitors easy, intuitive access to a wide range of product information:
  • Product overviews with faceted navigation and comparison features
  • Rotary selection on the home page to facilitate ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) and vice versa
  • Full B2C services, from pre-sales consulting and product choice to purchase and product return handling.
JURA’s previous website, based on OpenText Livelink WCMS Presentation Server (OT Livelink WCMS PS), did not offer e-Commerce capabilities. If JURA were to attempt to “bolt on” new capabilities such as e-Commerce or email campaign management, all of these tools would require the custom integration of third-party tools.


JURA chose valued Sitecore Solution Partner Unic to help it execute this ambitious project, and selected the Sitecore Customer experience Platform based on its scalability, integrated functionality—including Sitecore E-Commerce Services SES), Sitecore Email Campaign Manager (ECM), Sitecore Content Management System (CMS) and Sitecore Analytics— as well as the platform’s ease of integration, should the need to integrate third-party modules arise in the future. Sitecore’s reputation for innovation and straightforward business approach were also crucial in JURA’s selection of its new digital platform.

With the relaunch of its website, JURA introduced e-Commerce as a new sales channel. Previously, the company had sold its products through a large reseller network and offline distribution. The introduction of the new online sales channel required JURA to define new shipping, billing, returns and warehouse management processes, all of which required integration into Sitecore E-Commerce services.

Since JURA has many country sites with local languages, Sitecore’s proven multi-site and multi-language capabilities ideally fulfilled these requirements. JURA’s related multi-catalog and multishop needs were met through Sitecore E-Commerce Services and Sitecore CMS. The content management system provides the “item” concept with fallback values per field and clones, while Sitecore SES gives JURA the flexibility to implement the multi-shop experience, with customization delivered through the Unity third-party configuration framework.

To populate the Sitecore solution with key data information such as inventory and country specific needs, Unic integrated JURA’s Sitecore environment with the company’s Navision ERP system.

In addition to these new e-Commerce processes, the Sitecore solution has been designed to support easy setup with multiple payment services providers, with different products, product variants, and currencies and units per online shop. On certain country sites the shopping part needed to be removable through configuration (i.e., no shopping basket, prices or stock, but with all products available in that specific market listed). Finally, the new e-Commerce solution allows JURA to implement a user friendly checkout process that complies with the security requirements enforced by the company’s payment service provider (SaferPay for most countries).

The standardized website framework will be multiplied within 50 markets and 27 languages. So far, JURA has deployed key country sites in Sitecore, including a Switzerland site with full e-Commerce. Germany, Austria (both German language), France (French language) and Poland (Polish languages) are already online without e-commerce functionality and other markets will follow throughout 2013 and 2014.


With its new online shop, JURA headquarters is selling its products online for the first time, on a Sitecore-powered website that gives customers access to key capabilities including:

  • Product overviews and detailed comparisons
  • The ability to research and purchase products either/both on- and offline
  • Full e-Commerce services, from pre-sales consulting and product choice to purchase and product return handling.

In particular, the rotary section on JURA’s homepage, a graphical analogy of the one-touch display on JURA coffee machines, is an outstanding feature— a convergence of local retailing and sophisticated e-Commerce.

In addition to launching the online shop in Switzerland, Unic integrated a third party tool for live video sales advice and an individual support via integrated video conferencing. A unique delivery service that puts JURA products in customers’ hands within two hours in the Zurich area, based on Sitecore, was implemented as well. 

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients
  • Sitecore CMS
  • Sitecore SES
  • Sitecore DMS
  • Sitecore ECM
  • Sitecore Error Manager
  • Webforms for Marketers
  • ERP System Navision
  • Webtrends for Analytics
  • SaferPay as payment gateway
  • Adiacom for real-time online sales support through audio / video live stream, 2h product delivery
  • Social API for Facebook and YouTube in NEWS section
  • Approximately 50 country sites, multi sites in 27 languages