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Embarking on a composable journey

Thule is always evolving to support changing customer needs, from developing new markets and entirely new industry categories, to enhancing digital engagement with consumers and retailers. With increasingly sophisticated B2B and B2C marketing strategies, aggressive product launch schedule, and commercial growth goals, the company needed to take a future-proof approach to its digital architecture and adopt composable technologies that would optimize omnichannel D2C brand experiences and ensure seamless product launches and digital experience innovation.


A composable platform delivering personalized, omnichannel CX

Based on Thule’s success using Sitecore for its 80 Thule and 30 CaseLogic consumer markets and its retailer intranet, the company leveraged Sitecore to create new direct-to-consumer e-commerce capabilities, now available in 11 markets and growing . The companies’ strong partnership combined with Sitecore’s composable technology innovations and product roadmap further reinforced Thule’s confidence in Sitecore.

Thule worked with Sitecore partner and digital transformation expert, Consid, to extend its headless Sitecore CMS and commerce platform with Sitecore’s composable solutions, enabling consistent, seamless customer experiences across all touchpoints. Starting with the cloud-based Sitecore Send email marketing product, Thule added the composable Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize data management and marketing activation solutions to create a future-proof experience platform.

As part of Thule’s continued efforts to support online B2C growth and deliver the best possible customer experience, it launched its refreshed website earlier this year, ready to support the release of its newest product innovations.


Increasing B2C revenues and growing the business

Sitecore’s composable suite of solutions provides the future-proof digital foundations Thule needs to continually evolve its business, grow and create new market categories, and optimize omnichannel customer engagement. Thule’s website refresh and direct-to-consumer e-commerce capabilities have driven a 47% revenue hike across its 11 B2C markets compared to the previous year. Overall sessions are 5% higher over the same period.

Thule’s omnichannel approach to customer experiences uses Sitecore to tailor content to align with the consumer’s stage in the sales funnel, including AI-driven product recommendations and abandoned cart reminders. Using Sitecore, Thule is building new digital components and pages quickly and efficiently. The Sitecore-powered solution has helped Thule increase conversion rates by 35%, and raise engagement-per-session by 10%, while also eliminating siloes and increasing efficiencies.