Simplified search with better results

Search is the start of nearly every digital journey, and the main conversion point. However, traditional search is often time-consuming, inefficient, and provides unnatural results. Sitecore customers — along with customers across many industries — are increasingly demanding the types of intuitive search experiences that come from AI-driven content relevancy. Before implementing Sitecore Search, our search results provided text results with limited suggestions. The disjointed data made it difficult for customers and prospects to find the most relevant information fast enough, while common mistakes like spelling errors reduced search effectiveness.


Connecting users and answers

Through meticulous research and planning, we set out to revamp our own search experience on Sitecore.com with three main objectives: improve clickthrough rate (CTR), increase the relevancy of results being returned with a better visual design, and introduce multi-site search capability. Sitecore’s new SaaS product provides a smart and simplified search experience powered by artificial intelligence, and was successfully deployed on Sitecore.com after only one month's development work by our team. The end-to-end, search-as-a-service application customizes how content is matched, sorted, and promoted, optimizing search results with a straightforward experience.


Faster recommendations, happier users

With Sitecore Search, we have eliminated data silos and are helping site visitors extract information from anywhere, regardless of the format. Sitecore Search’s predictive, type-ahead capabilities and AI engine amplify specific content based on customer behaviour, strategic business objectives, or in response to customer feedback.

Within four months, Sitecore.com’s CTR increased by 25%, and 50% more results are being returned, demonstrating the solution’s success in providing more relevant and analyzable results. In addition, advanced auto-complete reduces searching errors and significantly reduces user search time per day.