United Airlines






Overcoming travel stress

When travelers arrive at an airport it can often be a challenge to find information needed for a smooth travel experience. United Airlines was looking for an effective way to help customers get where they need to go, simply and efficiently, and improve customer satisfaction. The airline already had a digital signage solution using Sitecore XP and now wanted to expand and improve it.


Composable and SaaS platform

United Airlines with Sitecore business partner, Americaneagle.com, has extended its existing Sitecore platform from a traditional, on-premises environment to a composable and SaaS one. The composable architecture allows United Airlines to seamlessly combine various best-of-breed components. This makes it easy to develop applications and services that increase operational efficiency, modernize digital signage, and give travelers a better experience when passing through hub airports. A good example is using real-time data during boarding to let passengers know at the gate if the overhead bin space will be full before it is their time to board. If so, passengers can easily check their bag at the gate, before wandering down the aisle with all bins already full.

Sitecore also helps the carrier improve its intranet and portals – used by 70,000 employees every day – like better access to safety and policy information for flight and airport operations employees.


Personalized airport experience

With the Sitecore-based composable stack, United Airlines has rebranded, redesigned, and enhanced its digital signage solution bringing better, personalized self-service information to up to 36m travelers a year. Content management is simple, agile, and easy to update without needing complex coding. Seamless integration with associated applications like booking and flight systems means real-time information is displayed on digital signs throughout the airport so that travelers get the right content at the right time at each gate. QR codes give instant access to more information.

Sitecore Personalize targets content to individuals based on flight, destination, and traveler demographic information while also recognizing some customers may still need face-to-face, customer service agent contact.

Travelers get better and faster access to accurate, timely information so navigating through check-in, customs and security is easier and more enjoyable.

United Airlines is leveraging the Sitecore composable architecture to improve its digital signage further with plans to enhance personalization and incorporate multiple languages.