Physician founded and led, Kyruus delivers industry-defining provider and location search and scheduling solutions that help health systems connect patients with the right care across their enterprise-wide access points. Serving more than 275,000 providers across 60+ leading health systems nationwide, the multi-channel Kyruus ProviderMatch® platform—with applications for consumers, access centers, and care settings—enables a modern and consistent patient experience built on a robust data management foundation.

The quality of the match is only as good as the data and routing behind it. The KyruusOne platform enables health systems to consolidate, enrich, and maintain provider and location data effectively. KyruusOne, in combination with ProviderMatch APIs, form the foundation of the ProviderMatch suite, enabling health systems to power each of their access points with consistent and reliable data, as well as operationalize the routing infrastructure they need to align supply and demand across their networks.

In addition to our own award-winning solutions, we also integrate with best-of-breed solutions across the digital health ecosystem to enable our customers to deliver seamless user experiences and reduce complexity. In addition to our integrations with leading EHRs, we partner with Salesforce, Binary Fountain, GYANT, Brandify, and Sitecore, among others, to enable health systems to deliver the best possible care to their patients whether that's through third-party search, the health system website, the mobile app or beyond.

Key Product Offerings

Sitecore customers will be leveraging KyruusOne and the ProviderMatch applications via the ProviderMatch APIs. Relevant consumer applications include:

  • Kyruus ProviderMatch APIs: Kyruus offers two RESTful APIs, the Provider Search API and the Location Search API. Used together, the APIs enable health systems to leverage high quality provider and marketable locations data—utilizing the KyruusOne data management platform— to deliver robust provider and location search experiences for consumers via their websites and mobile applications.
  • ProviderMatch for Consumers: An online provider search and scheduling solution that health systems embed in their websites to empower consumers with modern self-service capabilities, enabling the patient to search for the care that suits their needs and book an appointment, where applicable. For the health system, this functionality contributes to the consumer-oriented direction of healthcare and supports patient acquisition and retention.
  • DirectBook: A part of ProviderMatch for Consumers, the DirectBook product is a direct integration with the health system’s underlying EHR or practice management system that surfaces appointment availability in near real-time and allows for appointment scheduling directly into the underlying system.

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