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Digital transformation

Is your CMS ready for the future?

Implementing a new content management system (CMS) is a big move. Whichever one you choose, it needs to work hard for you in a future where technology and devices continue to evolve.

The changes are just beginning

A lot can happen in five years. Nobody can predict (and, in some cases, even imagine) what’s to come, but as pivotal technologies begin to mature and converge all at once, certain evolutions are practically a given.

We know that many devices will continue to get smaller and thinner, while their “brains” get bigger and connectivity gets faster — especially with 5G on the horizon. Visual and voice interfaces will gain more sophistication. And the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to make an impact through sensor-laden, everyday objects.

What it means for CMSs and the marketers who use them

Advances in these areas will inevitably spark an evolution in what consumers expect from digital experiences — and that means CMSs, as well as the marketers who use them, will need to be ready if they’re going to deliver memorable, full-fledged customer experiences (a competitive necessity even today).

Organizations will need to process new kinds of data, create and deliver new kinds of content, and support their audience’s consumption of information in new ways and across multiple channels. In addition to core CMS features, they’ll need a solution that has expanded its capabilities to include those of a digital experience platform as well.

Check out our article to learn how a CMS differs from a digital experience platform (DXP).


The connected future: an hour in your life

6:45 am

Your sleep data from multiple devices including your smartwatch indicate that you enjoyed less-than-optimal sleep last night. Your health app snoozes your alarm for 15 minutes and your virtual assistant automatically pushes back your 8 am meeting.

7:00 am

You wake up and prepare to make breakfast. A screen in your kitchen displays a meal plan for the day based on the food in your refrigerator and your estimated activity levels. At the same time, you receive an email from your grocer about your weekly food delivery.

7:20 am

While you’re getting dressed, your voice assistant reads out your daily briefing featuring curated news stories, financial reports, and inbound messages from the business networking site you prefer.

7:40 am

You leave for work. During your commute on public transportation, you decide to shop on your mobile device for a sweater you’d like to have for your upcoming weekend away. Your AR glasses project 3D renderings of your favourite styles and brands. You make a selection, and your billing information and pickup point are automatically sent to the vendor.

It’s 7:45 am and your day is just getting started.

How CMSs will need to rise to the challenge

The hyper-connectivity, the number of devices, and the expectation of personalized experiences implicated in just the first hour of your day create two key challenges for the CMSs of the future.

Challenge 1: Extensibility

CMSs need to be implemented in a way that takes future design into consideration. They need to include frequently updated APIs, connectors, and integrations that work with new technologies as they arise.

This means supporting augmented and virtual reality displays, context-aware wearables, and AI-enabled voice interfaces — and that’s only at the surface level. 

Challenge 2: Ramped-up delivery demands

Future-ready CMSs need to help marketers offer personalized marketing at scale. They must deliver anticipatory and holistic user experiences that are seamless and consistent across every channel, for everyone.

That means more content, delivered to more specific audiences, at more specific moments. It’s impossible to do it all manually even now; so looking five years into the future, CMSs will need to leverage AI and machine learning to automate the heavy lifting. 


Are your marketers ready to leverage AI and machine learning?


In the near future, the use of AI and machine learning in content production will start to free up marketers from the constraints of available resources.

Leveraged effectively, the power of AI and machine learning will enable marketers to deliver hyper-personalized, next-level content experiences at scale. They’ll make automated, cross-channel content distribution seamless. They’ll generate dynamic suggestions for real-time personalized scenarios. And they’ll offer accurate, predictive next actions and anticipatory prompts.

If you want to leverage the competitive advantages that machine learning and AI will most certainly give content teams in the future, start thinking about your readiness today.

4 future-readiness questions

Is your CMS extensible enough?

Your CMS needs to closely integrate with peripheral systems, such as customer experience management platforms and e-commerce solutions.

Do you have the right CMS architecture?

If you’re going to have content production automated (or even supported) by machine learning, the data within the content on your CMS must be readable by it.

An object-based and event-based CMS architecture makes this considerably easier by teaching machine learning algorithms about the properties of specific content objects (the data within the content) and enabling predetermined events to trigger automation.

Is your data ready?

In order for machine learning algorithms to be effective, they need clean, structured, tagged, and organized data to reference.

Can you meet the processing requirements?

AI-driven processes are expensive. Robust, scalable, and flexible cloud resources are a prerequisite for agile, affordable experimentation in machine learning.

Start planning your future

In terms of marketing teams planting the flag on leveraging AI and machine learning for content delivery, it’s still in the early phases. Start by answering these crucial questions to see where your priorities and actionable items lie, so you can get ahead of the curve on crafting extraordinary personalized experiences for your customers.

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