Implicit has many years of experience architecting the largest and most complex Sitecore sites in Scandinavia.

Implicit is one of a few partners that specialize exclusively in the Sitecore platform – providing expert consulting and website development from frontend to backend.

Infinity Group has been a Sitecore Solution Partner since 2012. The founding team as well as key employees have worked for Sitecore Corporation previously, having roles such as product architect, senior solution architect, lead developer, and certified Sitecore trainer. Implicit’s team knows the product inside out.

Implicit also specializes in taking over existing Sitecore solutions by using a formalized approach to analyze and clearly point out how to mature a solution and getting it up to latest standards and best practices.

Having designed the Sitecore infrastructure and deployment procedures for large banks in Scandinavia, Implicit has extensive knowledge about security hardening Sitecore, including ensuring Sitecore support for the GDPR EU data law.

Implicit have developed an omnichannel marketing module on top of Sitecore supporting different target channels such as social media, sms/text, secure mobile apps. The module can easily be extended to support other channel and integrations.

With presence in both Copenhagen and Aarhus Implicit can easily service clients locally in Denmark, but internationally as well.

Implicit has won the prize for the best Sitecore Content Management Strategy implementation in Scandinavia, and Implicit spoke at Sitecore Symposium in Las Vegas about how they designed the Sitecore solution of one of the largest Scandinavian banking websites.

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Solution Partner