When Sitecore first released Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) 9 a little over two years ago, we were excited to provide an entirely new commerce platform. Seeking to empower mid-market companies to deliver personalized digital commerce experiences, we designed the platform with an eye to the future — focused on the cloud, microservices, and extensibility for ongoing innovation.

Since its launch, Sitecore XC has exceeded our expectations. Frankly, our traction in the market in the first year outstripped every goal we had. Not only did Sitecore XC attract many mid-market companies, but many large global brands, such as Thule and American Bath Group, also chose it to begin or advance their digital transformations. And that meant we needed to rethink our approach to our product roadmap.

9.2 Changes

With Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.2 (available for download now), we’re happy to say we’ve done just that. Sitecore XC 9.2 contains significant changes, including:

  • Increased performance and scalability and reduced cost of ownership: Enhancements, optimizations, and new caching options dramatically improve the performance and scalability of catalog size, concurrent page views, checkout, and promotions.
  • Improved marketing automation: Sitecore XC is critical for providing connected customer experiences, and we’re constantly working to improve it in this area. The 9.2 release enhances marketing automation capabilities with updates to the abandoned cart campaign and the introduction of a new order campaign.
  • Compatibility and updates: Sitecore XC 9.2 is certified as compatible with key software such as Solr, MS Azure SQL, MS SQL, and MS Azure Search. We also made improvements to packaging and upgrades, helping to make deployment even easier.

(Looking for a deeper dive into the Sitecore XC 9.2 release? Check out the Release Notes.)

Partnerships for Innovation

For this release, we devoted a large portion of our development resources to performance and scalability. But we also engaged our partners to help unlock additional uses cases and make Sitecore XC a more integrated element of the systems, data, and people that power modern, personalized commerce experiences.

With the release of Sitecore XC 9.2, we’re happy to announce three exciting new solutions in collaboration with SmartOSC, Put It Forward, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • B2B accelerator – The SmartOSC B2B Accelerator for Sitecore Experience Commerce extends the core capabilities of Sitecore XC to support contract-specific pricing, bulk ordering using file upload, and account management from B2B companies. Developed by SmartOSC with guidance from Sitecore, the accelerator enables B2B companies to deliver experience-based commerce to their customers, modernizing their buying experiences and reducing cost of sales for the selling organizations. The accelerator will be available from Sitecore and can be implemented by other Sitecore XC implementation partners.
  • Data automation – This solution includes three products: Put It Forward Connectors for ERP, Put It Forward Designer, and Put It Forward Platform Builder. These three products work together to integrate the Put It Forward and Sitecore platforms (including Sitecore XC). They also provide pre-built integrations to leading ERP applications, including Oracle Netsuite, SAP Business One, Sage, Financialforce, SAP ECC, Oracle EBS, and others. The products will be available from Sitecore and Put It Forward.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 connector – The Sitecore Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail connector enables retailers to connect Sitecore XC 9.x, including XC 9.2, to the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail. Out-of-the-box, retailers can replicate their master product catalog from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Sitecore XC. They can also enable additional data-sharing capabilities such as customer, order history, loyalty information, and others between the two applications. The connector enables the delivery of true omnichannel shopping experiences and is available from Sitecore.

The release of Sitecore XC 9.2 improves our commerce platform today and strengthens its foundation for the future. It is our richest, most scalable version to date. And as a part of Sitecore’s full-suite of products, Sitecore XC 9.2 is the only commerce platform natively integrated with an end-to-end content management system and digital experience platform — bringing a connected and cohesive shopping experience to consumers, whether online or off.

If you’re currently running on an older version of Sitecore XC 9.x, I encourage you to gain the many benefits 9.2 delivers by upgrading today .

If you’re looking for a new commerce platform to engage with your digital customers, I encourage you to reach out to a Sitecore expert now to discuss your unique needs.

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Hansen Lieu is the Product Marketing Director for Commerce at Sitecore. With many years of experience helping organizations gain competitive advantage with digital commerce and CRM technologies, Hansen is responsible for positioning, messaging, thought leadership, and go-to-market strategy. Follow him on Twitter @HansenTweets or find him on LinkedIn.