Be strong and act

The priority during any crisis is stabilizing operations and protecting your employees. It is also the time to be creative with your customer connections, and to adapt — your brand, products, channels, messages, tools, and infrastructure — to the changing circumstances. It’s crucial to give customers what they need now and what they might need in the future, not what they needed a couple of months ago.

This is an opportunity to be “one less thing to think about”, as well as a source of comfort and positivity. Any positive interaction your brand has with a customer in times of change will be more appreciated — and therefore memorable — than an interaction in less challenging times.

Think about:

  • Are there new ways you can deliver value to your customers?
  • How can you communicate this? What platforms will they be using?

Be clever and quick to adapt

When things look like they are starting to recover, you will start to see which customer behaviors and preferences are going to stick. For example, B2B customers might continue to value using mobile apps to order from suppliers, and sales teams might not want to give up the time and cost savings associated with video calling.

Now is the time to focus on:

  • Ensuring that former customers who might have tried alternative brands — due to convenience, supply issues, altered needs, etc. — return to your brand
  • Retaining new customers who have switched to digital channels for entertainment, sports, food deliveries, fitness — for example older people doing online shopping, families using online educational tools, businesses conducting video meetings — rather than letting them go back to their old habits

Be ahead and emerge stronger

The stakes are higher than ever before, but the technology is also smarter. All the hurdles that businesses face – building new channels, experiences, and markets – can be overcome, but it is critical that the right decisions and partnerships are made now.

This is where Valtech and Sitecore come in. With more than 15 years creating connected digital experiences on over 3,000 projects, they help complex businesses create flexible, scalable structures where new digital strategies can be created quickly and in a controlled way. They understand each other. And they understand your business.

This article is part the Emerge stronger guide. Download the full guide now, and get ready for whatever the future holds.