If you’ve been following the conversation regarding companies’ need to digitally transform their businesses, you no doubt know that the pressure is on for marketing departments to help fuel that transformation by delivering a consistent and personalized digital experience across all the channels of customer engagement. At Sitecore, we’ve felt acutely this need to evolve, which is why we’ve continually brought innovations to the Sitecore product portfolio that address the marketing department’s need to create, manage, and optimize a strategic digital presence that helps build customers for life.

Looking at the Sitecore platform as it exists today, Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are one of the most often-integrated categories of third-party solutions. It’s simple, really: to create a rich, customer-centric experience you have to start with a lot of content, and that requires a repository that can act as the nerve center for content development. The same can be said for Product Information Management (PIM) systems in an e-commerce environment.

But DAM and PIM are just two of the tools marketing departments use to create and produce content, and many are struggling under the weight of using a plethora of applications that do more to create silos rather than tear them down. As a result, we’ve seen a lot of customers resorting to “sneaker-net” solutions such as e-mail or basic cloud drive services to share and collaborate during the production process. Simply put, there is a huge opportunity to improve the efficiency and productivity of content producers and provide a vastly superior user experience.

This is why I am so excited by the announcement that Sitecore has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Stylelabs. Adding the Stylelabs Marketing Content Hub® to the Sitecore product portfolio extends the Sitecore product set with first-class capabilities for Digital Asset Management (DAM), Marketing Resource Management (MRM), Product Information Management (PIM), and Web-to-Print services.

In effect, the combination of Sitecore and Stylelabs will create an end-to-end content, commerce, and personalization platform, giving our customers a one-stop-shop to address the complete content lifecycle with a streamlined and efficient ability to:

  • Own the entire content creation and production lifecycle, including team collaboration and workflow, so they can define their content strategy and then easily create, curate, manage, share, publish, and reuse engaging content;
  • Manage the secure distribution of content (including rights management) to business partners;
  • Seamlessly create personalized digital experiences across any channel leveraging the requisitely produced content; and
  • Connect marketing assets, customer data, and analytics to discover previously unobtainable insights based on customer behavior and the consumption of content across channels, allowing for the more efficient creation and orchestration of digital experiences. For example: using these insights, an airline can identify and create the right content to engage the loyal road warrior looking for a low-cost, last-minute airfare to New York, as opposed to sending content targeted to family travelers.

We are extremely excited about all of the possibilities unlocked by this combination. It will allow marketing teams to deliver personalized experiences across any channel, at every stage of the customer journey. That ability to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time is how marketing drives customer engagement, trust and loyalty, and revenue growth.

But this is just the start. We’ve only just signed the agreement, so there will be much more to share after the transaction closes. Stay tuned.

Ryan Donovan is Chief Technology Officer at Sitecore. Find him on LinkedIn.