In October at Sitecore Symposium 2018, we announced the acquisition of Stylelabs and the addition of the Stylelabs Marketing Content Hub to our product portfolio. As covered in a prior post, the Marketing Content Hub provides a comprehensive platform to manage the entire lifecycle of creating and collaborating on content and assets.  It can also distribute all those marketing materials accordingly using its extremely powerful digital asset management (DAM), marketing resource management (MRM), and product information management (PIM) capabilities.

Now, we are advancing on the vision we described at Symposium with the immediate availability of the Sitecore Plugin for Stylelabs DAM™. The user experience for content creators and editors inside of Sitecore is transparent wherever you can insert or select images. Now, instead of choosing from the Media Library, you’ll be able to select approved assets and have them served up utilizing the Stylelabs Marketing Content Hub’s content delivery network capabilities. This provides faster, improved performance along with reduced latency for end-customers.

Customers of Sitecore® Experience Platform™ 8.2 Update 7, 9.0 Update 2, and 9.1 and customers using Sitecore Experience Commerce® 9.0 Update 2 and 3 will now be able to seamlessly encapsulate approved assets from the Stylelabs Marketing Content Hub into digital experiences. (Please note that compatibility with sites built using Sitecore Experience Accelerator will be available in an upcoming release.)

We are extremely excited about our vision in becoming the only company that will be able to deliver the entire content lifecycle, from planning to publishing to delivering rich, relevant experiences that are tailored to meet your customers’ needs in a single platform. With this release, we have unlocked and taken a big first step toward our first end-to-end delivery of this vision. We look forward to enhancing it even further in the near future.

Ryan Donovan is Chief Technology Officer at Sitecore. Find him on Linkedin.