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Let your career take a new turn with a four-day Sitecore Developer course and certificate. Add Sitecore Certified Developer to your .NET skills and unlock a plethora of opportunities, worldwide.  

There are enough job postings in your area to provide job security for more than you, alone. You and a friend can get started, hand-in-hand, on a new and exciting journey of becoming Sitecore developers by entering in Sitecore’s LinkedIn challenge Developers that play together, stay together.

One lucky duo will win two free four-day online instructor-led developer training courses worth $2850 USD, each, and can leave as a pair of Sitecore Certified Developers.

This official training and certification will separate you and your colleague from the rest of the .NET developers and elevate your chances amongst competing job candidates.  

How to play?

It’s easy! Create this post on LinkedIn:

@______ and I, want to use our .NET skills to #LearnSitecore, together.

Just fill in the blank by tagging one of your connections on LinkedIn with a background in .NET. No previous Sitecore experience is required.

All posts from March 11th to 16th, 2019, 12.00am (EST) will be entered into a random draw. Applicants are limited to one post. The two LinkedIn profiles in each post will only be counted once. 

The winners will be messaged with registration codes that can be redeemed at their convenience.

Your friend will forever be grateful.

Work together and motivate each other on this career-enhancing opportunity. Use your backgrounds in .NET and take advantage of this all-paid learning experience to become highly sought after Sitecore developers.

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UPDATE: The winner has been announced! Read the announcement blog.