The Sitecore Forms application enables you to quickly create forms by using standard or custom elements.  Sitecore Forms have been released with Sitecore 9.0 and is now part of the core Sitecore platform.  In the future Sitecore Forms will replace the Web Form for Marketers (WFFM) module. For now, they can co-exist on your website, which is great for a rolling migration to the new Forms application.   

Getting started with Sitecore Forms 

As stated before, Sitecore Forms is part of the core platform so you do not need to install additional modules to create forms. Install a fresh Sitecore 9+ instance and create your first form! 

In the following video, we walk through the basics of creating a new form with the standard Forms elements.  


Reporting and Performance 

While creating your first form you’ve seen the Performance tab in the right-hand pane. The Performance tab of the Sitecore Forms dashboard provides information about how visitors interact with your forms. The tab contains a number of fields providing detailed information about a specific form. You can view form performance on a form level and on an element level. 

The reporting and performance metrics provide a marketer with an opportunity to analyze, update and improve forms based on visitor interaction data with the forms.  

The forms performance provides you with insights on the complete form, showing; 

  • Unique views per form, number of unique contacts. 
  • Abandonments, number of contacts who did not submit the form. 
  • Abandonment rate, percentage of contacts not submitting the form. 
  • Field performance; Abandonment rate, Average time or Error rate on a field level 

In the following video, we provide you with an intro of the performance metrics provided with Sitecore Forms. 



More information on working with Sitecore Forms 

Even more information is available on the Sitecore Forms Official Documentation site 


Now you’re ready to start customizing and extending Sitecore Forms, execute the following Walkthroughs and you’ll become the master of forms!