The Sitecore Commerce product team have received lots of great feedback from the community about scaling options for Experience Commerce, along with questions on the best way to approach it. Today we are releasing some updated instructions and scripts, as a joint effort between the product team and the community.

These are based on the great work already published by Ramon Aseniero for installing Sitecore 9.0.2 and Ian Webster for installing Sitecore Commerce 9.0.2 in a Scaled Deployment, based on Sitecore’s XP1 topology. Both of these installs are available on GitHub for anyone to use. Note that they are not supported by Sitecore.

They are located on Github here:


  • Supports installing and configuring a topology
  • Separated scripts for installing on individual machines in the topology
  • Centralized configuration for common settings
  • Remote installs of DacPacs to SQL Server


  • Does not document a full production topology (no load balancer setup, no database mirroring, etc)
  • Scripts must be run on the machines they are installing on
  • Some manual steps are still required before/after script executions


  • These are not officially supported by Sitecore Product Support.

Update: The product team plans to provide fully supported scaled topology documentation in a future release.