The other day I asked my network group of 20 marketing directors about the meaning of Digital Asset Management.  Three of them knew about it – the rest had no clue. That’s not because the people in my network are working in small insignificant businesses. No, most of them are working at a top professional level in Danish and international companies where they are responsible for large marketing departments. 

My claim is that if I ask them again in three years’ time, the scenario will be quite different. Then it will be the minority who do not know about Digital Asset Management.

Gartner predicts that in the future marketing will be the primary driver of company growth and that marketers will spend more on IT than the IT Director in 2017.The trend is clear and we have already seen a massive increase in the use of digital marketing tools.

Optimize digital processes when executing Multichannel Strategy

E-mail marketing tools where click rates can be analyzed have become the possession of every marketer. Now marketing departments are searching for even more automatic marketing tools for the purpose of lead generation, servicing leads, campaign analysis, automation of the use of social media, mobile marketing and much more.

With the rapid development, it is absolutely necessary for any marketing and communications manager to know about and relate to Digital Asset Management. 

The reason is that almost every month new communication channels see the light of day. It not only takes a long time to ensure that you are present on all the new channels, while at the same time maintaining the content already posted on old platforms - worse is the fact that businesses also risk losing control of their brands.

An effective Digital Asset Management system automates processes and workflows, so a single file uploaded to the system will automatically convert to different file formats and simultaneously be distributed to multiple communication platforms such as Sitecore, apps, Facebook, Youtube, image banks or print.

It makes Multi Channel Marketing easy and will become an unavoidable necessity of marketing departments in the future if they want to be efficient, profitable and at the same time have total control the company brand.

Equipped for the future
If you integrate Sitecore Engagement Platform with an effective Digital Asset Management system, the company is well prepared for the digital future. Such integration is available in the form of the DAM plugin for Sitecore.

The plugin, which is based on the DigiZuite ™ DAM system provides the company with a central archive for all media files. It consists of many components that combined create a natural extension of Sitecore and a seamless integration of DigiZuite™ DAM into Sitecore, making searching and distributing media files easy.

In addition, access rights are integrated into DigiZuite™ DAM and reflect the Sitecore roles, allowing detailed user profiles with different access rights in Sitecore CMS, as well as in DigiZuite™ DAM. It makes the control complete.

With DAM for Sitecore the company gets a Single Source solution that links the use of images and video together in Sitecore, Social Media, Video Portals, Image Banks, Microsoft Office and Adobe CS suite –with only one source file of course, so data storage is minimized, while the newest files are always available to users.