New independent survey shows customer experience (CX) is equal parts challenge and opportunity for brands.

Partner Perspectives

By Tim Linberg, Chief Marketing Officer, Verndale

The customer journey happens everywhere. Online. Offline. Even waiting in line. And no two journeys are ever the same. The only way you can ensure a successful outcome is to own the customer experience.

Verndale partnered with Vanson Bourne and Sitecore to survey 200 senior decision makers directly involved in the customer experience (CX) to explore where CX ownership sits in their organization and how they plan to implement personalization and connect the customer journey to their bottom line.

Decision makers aligned on the critical role of the customer experience

At a high level, what the survey findings uncover is an interesting tension between opportunities and obstacles. Decision makers are almost perfectly aligned on the critical role CX plays in their business. Nearly 90% of respondents see CX as crucial to their organization’s strategic goals. 94% agree that advanced technologies like machine learning will help them solve their most complex commerce challenges. And 100% believe that an optimized CX would drive tangible, measurable business outcomes. There is also near universal agreement on the vital role personalization, machine learning, and actionable data play in connecting the dots of the customer journey.

However, 84% of these decision makers agree that the potential of CX personalization has not yet been fully realized. 87% report that they struggle to optimize CX. Only 35% have complete confidence in their current CX partners. And worse, just over half (51%) admit that their organization often fails to deliver the personalized experience their customers crave. Ouch!

What drives the dichotomy of the customer experience?

What drives the dichotomy between opportunity and obstacle in CX? The findings suggest many answers, including where CX is in the corporate organizational chart, how customer data is digested and made actionable, and what role marketing technologies are playing to optimize the customer journey.

Some industries are well ahead already, and others are holding onto their traditional B2B strategies—even with ample data showing their customers are seeking the B2C treatment. Regardless, almost 90% of respondents agree that if their organization does not improve its CX, they will fall behind their competitors. CX is the gatekeeper to business growth, and brands that invest in optimizing that journey are well positioned to lead the pack.

The report, Solving for CX, unpacks the challenges that companies face when attempting to unlock the ROI of their consumer journey and what they can do to improve.

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Tim Linberg is Chief Marketing Officer for Verndale, a Sitecore Platinum Solution Partner. Contact him at [email protected].