Speech technology has the potential of drastically changing the way we interact with software, both in a private setting as well as in business software. At Stylelabs, we recently started experimenting with voice assistance in Marketing Content Hub, the marketing software platform used by global players like The Coca-Cola Company, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft.

Our aim was to evaluate the potential of voice assistance based on a common user story in Marketing Content Hub. We identified a story where we combine key elements from digital asset management (DAM), with digital rights management (DRM) and marketing resource management (MRM).

Our experiment was set up using Google Home and Azure Functions, at once demonstrating the cross-platform integration between two different stacks.

The scenarios

DAM user

Voice input: “Hey Google, what restrictions apply to file X?”
Google Home output: “The restrictions are:
Geography – United States
Period – 2018
Media – Twitter and Facebook
Voice input: “Hey Google, request geography extension for France”
Google Home output: “Your request has been created”

A workflow is kicked off where an administrator will look into extending the rights for this asset to France:

DAM administrator

Voice input: “Hey Google, tell me my tasks?”
Google Home output: You have a request to extend the geography restriction for file X to France by DAM user. Do you want to grant permission?
Voice input: “Yes”
Google Home output: “Geography restrictions for file X are now United States and France ”

The DAM user now receives a notification that the extension has been approved.


The technology

Google Home

Speech assistants like Siri, Google Home, Alexa and Cortana have become highly advanced. In the apps we use in our private lives, AI-controlled speech assistants are quickly becoming part of our daily routines.

This experiment allowed us to verify that there’s a useful application in enterprise software as well, leveraging the DAM, DRM and MRM functionality available in Marketing Content Hub.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Functions turned out to be a key component in achieving this.

Functions is a serverless solution used to process small bits of business logic or ‘functions’ in the cloud. Developers only write the code they actually need without worrying about the entire application and from where it’s managed.

In our case, without getting too technical, we’d like to say that Microsoft Azure Functions is used to communicate with Marketing Content Hub through Web SDK’s and API’s.

Speech assistants developed by Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft can now be used as input and output for the software.

The benefit

Common tasks in Marketing Content Hub’s DAM, DRM and MRM functionality fit the part perfectly when it comes to voice-activated commands.

Enabling voice-activated operation for common day to day tasks has the potential to make interacting with Marketing Content Hub more intuitive and straightforward, and can be an additional tool in attaining the level of user friendliness that we know will drive adoption.