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Thank you for requesting access to the Developer Trial!

Thank you! We have received your request to join the Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) developer trial program. Your trial activation is in progress. During this process, we will:

  1. Ensure you have an account to log in to all our Sitecore® resources.
  2. Activate your access to download the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ software.
  3. Generate your trial license for evaluation purposes.

You will receive follow-up communications from our team within two business days to help complete your account activation.

Getting started

Welcome to the JSS community! Our goal is to enable you to build rich user experiences using your favorite front-end JavaScript framework with Sitecore as the backend. We recommend you review the features and benefits of the JSS SDK to get familiar with what we’re all about:

A feature overview is available on the official doc site.

Additionally, the Sitecore developer community has written great articles on the benefits of JSS. This is one of our favorites: Sitecore for JavaScript developers in a hurry.

Your first JSS app

The doc site is also home of the Quick Start guide, which is where we recommend you begin your JSS learning journey.

You do not need to have Sitecore installed to go through the Quick Start, so you can get started on this immediately. The Quick Start will teach you how to install JSS, scaffold a new JSS app, and create your first JSS component.

The app that you will create in the Quick Start will contain a detailed style guide that shows off various capabilities. Check out the style guide source code for more insight on how to build JSS components.

Join the community!

There are many other developers out there in the community who can help answer your questions about developing on the product. Have a question? Need to chat with somebody? There are multiple ways to get involved:

  1. JSS Slack Channel (Join Sitecore Slack)
  2. Sitecore Stack Exchange (use #jss hashtag)
  3. Twitter: #SitecoreJSS

If you’d like to peak at the code, the repository is open on GitHub.

Welcome to the community! Let us know how we can help.

Sitecore Developer Trial Program

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