Table of contents

Table of contents

Quick insight

Training, guidelines, an enthusiastic community, and free trial program are available for new or experienced Sitecore developers. 

New to Sitecore?

In-person or online training

New to Sitecore’s platform? Get hands-on training to build solid solutions with Sitecore’s powerful functionality and customization options. You’ll learn about all the features that make Sitecore a dream to work with, such as:

  • A robust framework for managing large volumes of interrelated data, built with extensibility in mind
  • Advanced and flexible APIs
  • Highly scalable architecture
  • Intuitive user interfaces for managing content across multiple sites, languages, and teams

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Sitecore Community

Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Program

Do you have what it takes to be a Sitecore MVP? Every year, Sitecore employees and existing MVPs nominate technical and strategic professionals who are active in the Sitecore community — both online and offline. If you win the MVP award, you get access to early product releases, an exclusive invite to the MVP Summit, discounts at events, and more.

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Sitecore development guidelines and recommended practices

We created Helix to deliver recommended practices, guidelines, and conventions on how to code in Sitecore. We built Habitat to provide you with an example of a real solution using Helix principles.


Helix is your guide to developing with Sitecore and future-proofing your projects. Learn a standard set of overall design principles to apply to your projects, so that it’s easier for other developers to jump right in and get any issues resolved with product support. Plus, since Sitecore tests updates using Helix conventions, upgrading your projects will be a smoother process.

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Habitat is a real-life Sitecore project designed using Helix guidelines. You can use it to see how Helix should be applied and get inspiration for your projects. And, since it’s entirely usable, you can save time and repurpose Habitat for your own project, extending existing modules, or developing additional ones.

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More Sitecore developer resources

With over 20,000 developers across the globe, Sitecore has a robust set of resources for developers getting started. Discover our community of passionate and supportive developers:


Sitecore Developer Trial Program

Interested in advancing your career building personalized experiences with Sitecore? Get access to the latest version of Sitecore, so you can learn, explore, and discover all that Sitecore has to offer. Available to new and experienced Sitecore developers, the trial program includes:

  • Free 60-day trial license (with an option to extend)
  • Access to eLearning and training courses
  • Community portals for peer-to-peer support
  • Advanced notice about developer events and giveaways

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