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About Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies

Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies (SBOS) helps brands increase business value by creating great customer experiences.

How we help

Who is SBOS?

The Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies team (SBOS for short) supports Sitecore customers and implementation partners through their transformation from marketing with a brand-centric, static web presence to marketing with a personalized, contextual, omnichannel digital platform that creates great customer experiences and builds loyal customers.

Our approach

We help companies generate demonstrable business value. We do this by sharing ever-evolving insights and best practices on processes, methodologies, tactics, and organization. With our SBOS Marketing Consulting service offerings, part of Sitecore Value Realization Services, we’ll show you how to increase customer experience maturity and align digital goals with strategic objectives.

The SBOS manifesto

We are passionate about what we do. Our manifesto shows who we are and what we believe in:

  • We are marketing technologists at heart: We blend marketing and technology to increase the business value from digital channels.
  • We believe you can’t do marketing if you aren’t data driven: Our first mission is to align digital goals with key business objectives so we can monitor performance and take actions that drive performance improvement.
  • We start with the question of how to improve business performance: We search for the relationships between digital marketing goals and organizational objectives, then we use the drivers we find to improve business results.
  • We always look for ways to improve: Marketing optimization is a continuous process that must evolve with new marketing channels and technology.
  • We work with committed organizations: We strive to help organizations break through to higher levels of performance and achieve their goals. We want to work with people that have the same focus and energy we have.

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