GeekHive, founded in 1997, is a leading domestic MarTech Enablement™ partner. Knowing what it takes to create a successful digital program from strategy to implementation to ongoing refinement and support, they love nothing more than coming up with technical solutions and strategies to solve the complex MarTech puzzles that their clients face. At GeekHive, they create the Martech stacks that deliver the content, services, information and products your customers want and the experience that makes them come back for more. When failure isn’t an option, their partners count on them, and they make it their personal mission to exceed their expectations, every time.

The GeekHive team possess the creative and technical expertise that their clients have grown to expect. The community atmosphere honors growth and accomplishment and employee attrition is virtually non-existent. GeekHive understands their strengths and capabilities as an organization, which translates directly to delivering positive results for their clients.

GeekHive’s approach to projects has developed across 18 years of experience and is a rich blend of the flexibility required to allow the creative and innovative process of developing powerful Web strategies and user experiences, supported by sound software development and CMS implementation practices. This allows them to be both inspired in creativity and predictable and reliable in delivery.

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What is MarTech Enablement™?
MarTech Enablement™ is the process of bringing marketing and technology together to create the team, define the strategy, identify, implement and integrate the tools, and execute the processes that enable an organization to engage most effectively with their customer. Ultimately, it’s getting the right information at the right time into the hands of marketers so they can effectively engage their customers to build brand, market products and services, and assist the sales organization.

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Their services:
Martech Enablement™
Technical Planning & Consultation
Omnichannel Planning
CRM Strategy & Implementation
CMS Strategy & Implementation
Digital Transformation

Application Development
Front-End Development
SEO Analysis & Implementation
eCommerce Integration
Experience Management
Customer Journey Development

Digital Governance
Marketing Automation

Analytics & Business Intelligence

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