You are looking for a partner who looks beyond technological innovation, a partner who understands your business and the industry you operate in, a partner who works with you to translate your objectives into a good strategy and a decisive execution plan. A plan with a short-term ROI, high adoption rate and low risk. Since 1994, this has been Macaw’s main objective.

Macaw has a deep-rooted passion for technology for over 20 years. Not because of the technology itself, but because of the enormous impact. We will guide you with your digital transformation for you to experience this impact yourself, by challenging your goals and objectives and introduce new insights and new technology.

Within our vision of digital transformation, Sitecore has proven to be a perfect fit as an online customer experience platform. We integrate Sitecore with marketing automation, business intelligence and CRM and help you increase your marketing return on investment. The deployment of our own Sitecore framework makes us a unique match to you organization. It will enable us to standardize and accelerate a Sitecore implementation . This pre-designed framework will eliminate having to start from scratch.

Since mid-2016 Macaw has been appointed a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner status. Sitecore recognizes Macaw for our expertise in the field of digital marketing, e-commerce, marketing automation and marketing intelligence. A close partnership such as this has led to an interesting group of clients, such as ANWB Reizen, D-rt Group, Enza Zaden, Heineken, ONVZ and Priva.

Would you like to experience the enormous impact of this technology yourself? Please contact us at 023-2060 600 or by email at [email protected].


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