TechGuilds, Inc.

TechGuilds delivers exceptional digital experiences and peace of mind.

Clients come for their Sitecore expertise and stay for the partnership. They use words like ‘They are not just vendors; they are true partners’ and ‘always have our back’ to describe the relationship.

Specializing in Sitecore means that you benefit from TechGuilds’ years of focus and experience and be assured that you are in good hands. Collectively, those hands have delivered over 200 successful Sitecore projects and have been winning the Sitecore MVP award year after year for four years and counting!

They believe your digital ecosystem should deliver a customer experience that delights, excites, and inspires loyalty, and they offer help in every step of the journey: from strategy and experience design, to implementing the right technology the right way, to making sure it’s always up and running, to empowering your team to unlock its full potential.

TechGuilds provide the following services:

  • Sitecore Website Design & Development
  • Sitecore Website Support & Maintenance (Including On-boarding)
  • Sitecore Website Audits
  • Sitecore Website Upgrades
  • Sitecore 3rd Party Software Integration
  • Re-platforming (Migration to Sitecore)
  • Sitecore Training
  • Experience Strategy Consultancy
  • Sitecore Cloud Hosting Migration (Sitecore Azure)

Not stopping at simply being a rock-solid Sitecore partner, TechGuilds have been innovators in creating the world’s first Extended Reality (AR/VR/Mixed Reality/360 immersive web) software application for Sitecore called Peek XR. With Peek XR, new immersive experiences can be created quickly and easily and bring the full power of Sitecore’s personalization, analytics and workflow capabilities to your XR experiences.

Find out how they have helped clients increase conversion by 30% and cut IT costs by 50%: https://www.sitecore.com/customers/associations/canadian-nurses-association

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