Aceik is a boutique web development company specialising in the technical implementation and support of Sitecore solutions. When you commission Aceik for your Sitecore project, you’re putting your trust in a company that values customer satisfaction as highly as their technical skills. You’ll work with a team that pushes the boundaries of technology to provide web solutions that meet your organisation’s goals. Aceik are proud of their ability to build long-term relationships and they strive for open and honest communication with their clients, so you’ll always have a transparent view of your project’s progress. 

Aceik’s technical knowledge is vast and their agility is unmatched. They keep up with evolving technology and can change direction more easily than larger companies, giving you the most innovative solutions to your business problems. 

Aceik’s Melbourne-based team work with clients to realise the potential of the Sitecore Experience Platform. Whether it may be to implement, enhance, migrate, integrate, upgrade or support Sitecore solutions Aceik are your chosen specialists. They also partner with digital agencies and design companies that require Sitecore expertise for project collaborations or additional resources. 

Technical Analysis (requirements/specification/review/audits)
Technical/Solutions Architecture
Technical Delivery
Training and Documentation

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