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At AJi Software, they specialize in the art and design of beautifully constructed software. Since 2004, their team of expert software designers has been building custom software, websites, mobile apps, and content management systems that go beyond simply improving productivity.  No matter where you’re starting in the development process, they help solve your toughest custom software challenges.

AJi loves to help their clients solve big Sitecore problems.  Their certified professionals can help you bring a new site online, upgrade your system to the latest version of the Sitecore platform, or extend your instance to communicate with other internal systems.  AJi is your partner and they will continue to provide value and service after the sale.

Find them at www.ajisoftware.com or call (816) 527-0300

Customer Experience and Service Offerings

Experienced Consultants
– AJi was founded by Jeff Julian and John Alexander who are known in the Microsoft space for their depth of knowledge on the ASP.NET stack.  John Alexander has been awarded the position of Microsoft Regional Director for 15 years.  Jeff Julian was awarded the Microsoft MVP award at 23 for his knowledge of XML and later for SharePoint.

Platform Migration – Are you moving from another platform and want to make sure you execute on a plan that will retain SEO and customer satisfaction?  Is the training of your team members something you think your vendors should provide?  AJi understands these concerns and will provide an amazing experience when developing and delivering your new platform.  They understand that when procedures and processes change, employees must receive appropriate training and assistance to ensure the adoption of the new platform happens quickly to start receiving the return on your investment.

Enterprise Level Content Experience – The founders of AJi started one of the largest blogging communities in the world!  No other Sitecore Partner can say they have as much experience maintaining their own content platform.  During the 10 years AJi created and operated their technical blogging community, they received over two million visitors a month and organized over 100,000 blogs posts from 4,000 bloggers.

Move to the Cloud – AJi is an Azure Circle Partner (Cloud Competency Partner in late 2014) and has the insight and connections you need to move your organization to the cloud.  AJi will work closely with the Microsoft field teams to ensure you get the best deal possible when purchased an Azure agreement.

Digital Agency – Their team of experienced marketing technologists and designers can help you create an experience your customers and prospects will love.  If you need adopt a responsive site design for devices of all shapes and uses, look no further.  AJi can even help you with your content development needs to ensure your site is providing the specific value your customer personas need.

eCommerce Strategy – AJi knows eCommerce.  They have developed and maintained large stores for clients for over 15 years.  In fact, AJi completed one of the more complex Sitecore/Insite stores with real time integration with backend order management systems and product customizations that make purchasing a computer online look easy.

Marketing Automation – What good is a website if you don’t know who is visiting?  AJi can help get you started with the Sitecore Customer Experience Platform.  If you have another third party marketing platform, such as Hubspot or Marketo, AJi can help you integrate them as well.

Line-of-Business Integration – Order Management, Customer Retention, Shipping, Intranets, and other systems help make our entire organization run.  Having a website that can share information with these systems of record is key.  AJi has experts who have helped their clients make these rich integrations possible.  

The team at AJi is excited to hear about your next engagement.  If a free project assessment, please call (816) 527-0300 or contact them online.

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