ALLWIN Informatics

ALLWIN Informatics Ltd., founded in 2007, is a dynamic developing software company with innovative informatics portfolio. Their main activities are the development and programming of online business applications, web systems, technological solutions for business informatics and webpages. They also offer consultancy in the field of business-informatics tightly connected to these chief activities. They work with competitive technologies to meet their customers’ requirements and ideas. Their basic conception is to use every opportunity at hand. In order to have a successful long-term relationship, they offer a fully comprehensive service pack. From the in-depth research of demands, business analysis and consultancy through the development and documentation of the recommended solutions, all the way to development, testing and initiation, and, in certain cases, operation and support projects, they are at their clients’ disposal. 

In case a specific job requires it, their experts and consultants can work on the spot, at the client’s office, either as part of a particular project or through the process of outsourcing. Their goal is to provide simple and transparent solutions. By taking business contents and processes fully into account, the final product will be effective and easy to use. Their team has employees mostly with an engineer degree in the field of computer science and software development. Their developers not only work as simple programmers, but they regard the field of informatics as their profession and hobby. In spite of that the usual (negative) stereotypes about IT professionals are not true for them. They take care of continual professional development by broadening and updating the scope of their professional knowledge, therefore they attend conferences and trainings and they are active members of online professional communities as well.

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Solution Partner