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Altola is a boutique digital agency started by former Sitecore employees with 7-12 years of experience at Sitecore, covering virtually all aspects of the business, including business optimization services, product management, engineering, support, sales and pre-and-post sales support.

Through their Sitecore Expert Advisory Services, Altola makes their broad and deep experience available to both Sitecore customers and solution partners.

Altola offers a comprehensive selection of services to help Sitecore customers and solution partners get the most out of their Sitecore investments:

  • Sitecore JavaScript Services - One of Altola's founders literally created JSS. Altola offers coaching boot camps, full implementations and everything in between.
  • Architecture Design - The team at Altola has worked on all phases of some of the largest and most complex Sitecore implementations in the world. They can share their knowledge of what works best to help you optimize performance, integrate the right way, and keep infrastructure costs aligned with your expectations.
  • Advanced Proof-of-Concept (POC) - One hallmark of successful Sitecore implementations is that complex solutions are vetted before they are committed to. POCs are an important want to accomplish this. The wealth of experience that Altola can draw upon allows them to build POCs quickly, and with a level of quality that far exceeds that of traditional POCs.
  • Integration - There are innumerable ways to integrate external systems with Sitecore. Altola has the experience to identify and implement the best solution, and to do so in a way that fits into the Sitecore platform naturally, which reduces expensive and complicated customizations that are incompatible with future versions of Sitecore.
  • Performance Optimization - Altola has pioneered taking Sitecore to the edge. Through the use of content delivery networks (CDNs), Altola can help you realize significantly improved performance, simplified scalability, optimized search ranking and reduced costs.
  • Personalization Strategy & Planning - Imagining all of the ways Sitecore can be used to turn your digital ambitions into reality is the fun part, but how do you turn those ideas into a plan that can be executed within your real-world time, budget and resource constraints? Altola can help you understand where you can go and how you can get there.

Altola is based in San Francisco but works globally, mostly with enterprises who have large Sitecore implementations and even larger ambitions for delighting their customers.

Altola works for customers in North America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Altola Inc


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