APD Digital Services Sdn Bhd

Australia’s longest standing Sitecore partner. From end to end, they’ll service and streamline all your ongoing marketing, enhancement, support and infrastructure needs – they enable this sophisticated technology to become a seamless part of scaling your company and its profits.

The APD team has delivered over 150 Sitecore solutions to clients and understand Sitecore's complex capabilities - inside and out. They have been working with the platform since 2004 picking up many awards as, they go. Their focus is how to leverage its enterprise-grade solutions so businesses can reach their enterprise goals.

APD's engagements are backed up with Australia's most comprehensive, experienced Sitecore professional services for all of your custom requirements. Their clients benefit from their investment in an in-house, dedicated Sitecore product team, who develop re-usable features for the Sitecore technology. These are tried and tested for maximum usability and thought-out to deliver optimal bang for buck, meaning they can build at less cost and deliver faster without budget or time blowouts.

With six offices within the region Asia Pacific, no other partner is as well equipped to reach half a billion consumers in the Australian and Asian markets. APD uses digital channels to drive maximum growth and return on investment.

APD can help you achieve:

  • Higher conversions
  •  More effective, easier web content management 
  •  More meaningful interactions and a stronger customer base
  •  Improved workflows
  •  A better picture of your activities and how they affect your bottom line
  •  Greater control
  •  Greater automation
  •  Meaningful insights via analytics
  •  More sophisticated marketing abilities
  •  Improved customer experience including optimal ease of use and user satisfaction
  •  Return on your spend

Contact information:

Website: www.apdgroup.com
Phone: +61 3 8612 6888

APD Digital Services Sdn Bhd