Meet Ask Roger!

Ask Roger! was founded more than 10 years ago. We provide solutions to optimize the customer experience. In the beginning with CRM integration and Contact Center solutions. Today we offer omni-channel solutions and as a partner we want to co-design, create and continuously optimize digital solutions together with our customers in order to increase conversion, get the most out of online marketing and finetune the cooperation between man and system to realize more fun and higher productivity for the organization.

Why choose for Ask Roger?

Ask roger! believes that processes, technology and solutions should be supporting the marketer, whereby the marketer is once again capable of managing its own Sitecore Digital Experience platform independently to support their marketing strategy. We will provide the marketer with the technology, tools, knowledge and skills to achieve its marketing strategy. Together with the marketer, we translate the marketing objectives to your Sitecore platform.

Our approach

Our goal is for marketers and content managers to be able to manage their own Sitecore Digital Experience platform. Whether it is about content management or the ability to use the marketing capabilities. Throughout the entire process and collaboration, our approach is focused on delivering the necessary skills, knowledge and functionalities.

To achieve this, we believe that a successful Sitecore implementation starts at the drawing board and does not end with the technical delivery. Creating a customer experience is an ongoing process and we will continue to advise and support you during this lifecycle. Our services support this principle, which enables us to create and optimize the customer experience together.

As a marketer, you are not alone in the organization. In order to achieve results, you will always have to work together with other disciplines within the organization. Make sure you always involve the right disciplines in your marketing strategy. In most cases this is Sales and IT, but also Customer Care and Finance is often essential for your success as a marketer.

How do you gain insight into which disciplines, processes, solutions and technologies are creatine that optimal customer experience and make your marketing strategy a success? Ask Roger! helps you to answer these questions. We always start with the question behind the question. Because we only start thinking about the solution when we have that crystal clear.

Deliver the right solution Connect, integrate, implement, learn and adopt the capabilities of the Sitecore Experience Platform”

Objectives are clear. Personas, customer journeys, touchpoints and channels are defined. Customer information systems have been identified and digital goals have been set. The next step is to deliver the "overall solution" which will help the marketer to realize the essential customer experience to support its marketing strategy.

Empower Get inspired and continuously optimize the experience

This is an important phase to ensure that marketing stays "in control" of its digital experience platform and to a large extent determines the success of its marketing strategy.

Ask Roger! offers a support platform that includes all the tools, knowledge and skills the marketer and content editor needs. Throughout the cooperation, we will ensure that your Sitecore platform is up to date and we are on 24/7 standby to help the marketer successfully complete its mission.

Solutions To make your organization excel in customer experience

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