Cluster Reply S.r.l.

Cluster Reply is the Reply Group company specialized in Consulting Services, System Integration and Digital Services on Microsoft technologies.

Leveraging on competencies of Reply Group companies, Cluster Reply may support customers in a full Digital Transformation by technological skills, knowledge of vertical markets core processes, communications, marketing and social strategy.

Cluster Reply is able to manage projects end-to-end since concept and design to implementation and subsequent managed services.

Culture, competence and innovation are blended to achieve excellence and to help customers to reach their business goals.

Reply is a leading Consulting, Systems Integration and Digital Services company, specializing in the creation and implementation of solutions based on new communication networks and digital media.

Reply’s offer is aimed at fostering the success of its customers through the introduction of innovation along the economic digital chain. Given its knowledge of specific solutions and due to a consolidated experience, Reply addresses the main core issues of the various industrial sectors.

Reply’s offer covers three areas of competence:

  • Processes – for Reply the understanding and the use of technologies means introducing a new enabler for processes, as a result of in-depth knowledge of the market and of the specific industrial implementation contexts;
  • Applications – in Reply the design and implementation of application solutions are aimed at meeting the needs of the core business of enterprises;
  • Technologies – in Reply the use of innovative technologies is optimized to implement solutions to ensure customers benefit from maximum operational efficiency and flexibility.

Within the three areas, Reply offers:

  • Consultancy – strategic, communications, process and technology;
  • Systems Integration – a combination of business consulting with high value-added and innovative technology Solutions to harness the potential of technology;
  • Application Management – management, monitoring and continuous evolution of the technological assets.

Reply supports the main European Industrial groups operating in Telco and Media, Banking, Insurance and Financial companies, Industry and Services, Energy and Utilities and Public Administration market segments.

Telco and Media
In 2009 - 2014, the major players in this sector invested substantial amounts in new value-added services. This was made possible by; the technological evolution of devices (ex. Smartphone, PDA, e-book, STB multichannel), the use of new generation networks (NGN) and the development and wide spreading of Social Networks, which has become the new “media” of today’s generation.
Reply is a distinguished player in the process of convergence between Telco and Media, with a special focus on components regarding; VAS, the Digital Terrestrial Technology, Multimedia Content Management and Billing and CRM services.
Furthermore, Reply is one of the main partners of Telco Operators to the Device Testing & Certification.

Banks, Insurance and Financial
Reply cooperates with major Banking Institutions and Insurance Companies in the identification and implementation of solutions combining core process optimisation with a substantial improvement in information asset efficiency. More specifically, Reply operates in defining end-to-end strategies and solutions by integrating the various components and putting forth all the necessary skills such as consulting, process, development, application and technology.

Industry and Services
Reply supports companies in the implementation, change and management of Business IT Systems from the strategic design to the understanding and redefinition of the core Processes. Reply designs and deploys solutions aimed at ensuring application integration supports the Extended Enterprise (CRM, SCM, BI).

Energy and Utilities
Reply has defined a set of specific offers regarding the main industry’s vertical areas by supporting and assisting Retailers and Distribution Companies in relation to change and operational, organisational and technological alignment. In particular Reply is focused on designing models and creating application solutions in the main processes of CRM and Billing in the Utilities market, but has also worked with the main European Energy providers in implementing solutions in Pricing, Forecasting and Meter Data Management.

Public administration
For Central Public Administration and the National Health Service, Reply leverages its experience gained in the most advanced online services, integrating applications and competencies to create specific solutions to manage relations with the citizen.

Cluster Reply S.r.l.