Coria, LLC

Coria supplies turnkey teams-in-a-box with integrated technical subject matter experts, developers, project management, analysts, and quality assurance to solve your company's most challenging puzzles.

With so many different skill sets to pull from, Coria is always coming up with innovative solutions and real-time insight for organizations. Corians are passionate about technology and how it can be used to improve what it is you do.

Sitecore provides limitless opportunities for any business. Coria has a wide range of expertise in the Sitecore space that is outlined below:


With training services, your power users will understand everything required to get your team comfortable with your Sitecore implementation or upgrade.


Working with your team, Coria lays out a solid foundation for your Sitecore implementation to support current and future project initiatives.


Supporting your Sitecore solution can be a burden for small dev teams. Their dev-ops engineers and support developers can keep any Sitecore installation running smoothly.

Content Migrations

Transferring data from one system to another might seem like a scary task. Coria can help safely migrate all your data from your old CMS or other disparate system into Sitecore.

System Integrations

Your content, messaging, and/or products are at the center of what you do best. By integrating your other systems like CRMs and eCommerce, Coria can help let Sitecore drive your multi-channel marketing objectives.

Automated Marketing

The synergy behind Sitecore's Experience Marketing/Analytics tools and Coria's machine learning scientists can create a customized, automated marketing solution that bridges the divide between your web and email channels.

Coria, LLC


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