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Sitecore and Caesar are partnering to provide a rich and powerful Enterprise Content Management solution to the Dutch market. Being specialists in web development, collaboration and integration, Caesar Groep delivers outstanding and flexible Sitecore internet solutions with true customer value. On time. Every time.

Caesar Groep is an IT company delivering Return Guaranteed IT solutions. Starting with their customer’s objectives and with Caesar's unique TimeValue approach, they guarantee on-time delivered IT solutions with short processing time and provable value for customers. Additionally Caesar delivers high-quality technological knowledge to help customers realise their projects successfully and on time. Caesar is also able to manage implemented IT solutions for which they have extensive technological expertise (.NET, Java, Oracle, Progress, Microsoft Infrastructure, BI and process optimisation). Caesar Groep was founded in 1993 and employs about 300 people.

TimeValue Projects
Developed by Caesar Groep, TimeValue Projects are IT solutions delivered on time with short processing times and provable value. The yield of the project is what counts. Both Caesar and the customer commit themselves to this. Caesar's commitment is to connect a guaranteed delivery time to the customer’s yield (TimeValue). For Caesar, this is not a hollow phrase, but a cast-iron guarantee: they link project fees to this commitment.

Time Guaranteed Projects
A promise for most; a guarantee for Caesar Groep. Should a project be overdue by only one day, their customer receives a 50% pay-back on the project price.

Return Guaranteed Outsourcing
Organisations want their projects to be available on time. Therefore, they have a need for qualified, flexible IT specialists on short notice: the right person at the right place. Caesar Groep has specialists available who will not only bring technological knowledge to the job, but also commitment and project experience. Caesar also matches the IT specialist to your project team. Return Guaranteed Outsourcing can do that for you on a ‘no-cure-no-pay’ basis.

Return Guaranteed Infrastructure and System Management
When the project is finished, the customer organisation starts working with the application and starts cashing in on its value. Caesar has all resources available to optimally manage your applications based on investment returns for the customer and positive user experience.

Technological Expertise
Caesar has a technological knowledge base that is unique for The Netherlands. Their expertise includes .NET, Java, Oracle, Progress and Microsoft Infrastructure, Business Intelligence and Process Optimisation.

Independent of Technology
Caesar Groep has full technology independence. Although they have expertise in Microsoft, Oracle and Progress, their technological advice will always be based on customers’ wishes and desired results. This equally applies to network infrastructure and business intelligence specialities.

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