Datacom was founded in Christchurch New Zealand in 1964 and has successfully operated in the New Zealand market since that date, as well as expanding operations to Australia and Asia. Datacom has offices in Wellington, Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, and Christchurch, as well as Australia and Asia, and a staff of over 2500, of which over 1500 are in New Zealand. IDC recently ranked Datacom as the second largest provider of IT Services in New Zealand.

Datacom's vision is to be the most respected provider of IT professional services in New Zealand. Through their size, scope, agility and breadth of capability Datacom brings economies of scale to improve the value of services to customers.

As a flexible and agile IT company that tailors its offerings to match customers’ business requirements, Datacom places a high value on quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Datacom believes in an open and trusting relationship with customers based on mutual success. Customers trust Datacom to deliver and support difficult, complex systems as well as simple, small systems and enhancements. Customers also trust Datacom to provide a better service, for a fair and open price.

Valuing independent and innovative thinking, absolute commitment to delivery, Datacom focuses on business transformation rather than technology for its own sake, with well-rounded professionals able to deliver pragmatic and effective solutions. Datacom provides an environment that offers staff a stable place to work, with excellent opportunities for career advancement and personal growth. Because of this, Datacom also has low turnover, so customers can be assured of strong knowledge and expertise retention.

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