EMAKINA is founded in the early days of the digital age and is therefore well versed in optimizing all online and offline touch points between a brand and its customers. We provide synchronized and successful brand experiences. Rich and interesting experiences from which a lasting bond between brands and their customers arises.

This is what we do

Support in building customer loyalty.
We develop dialogue marketing programs using the latest technology, tools, and strategies that achieve the best results together. Our professional team is focused on bringing together database and email marketing, application and community development, design and content development, planning and technology. Resulting in a higher level of interaction with your customer through every possible channel and a higher conversion, loyalty and customer value.

Your concern

Serving our customers optimally
You need an agency that supports you with effective strategies and tools to get the right message to the right customer, at the right time, and through the best channel. You need experts that can help you to increase your Return on Marketing Investment.

Our results

Long-term valuable customer relationships, both online and offline.
We provide valuable interaction between your brand and your customers, resulting in an exceptional brand experience. And, our dialogue marketing programs add direct value to your bottom line through the intelligent use of your carefully crafted customer data.

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United Arab Emirates

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